Partner Guard protects couples, partners and loved ones from the dangers and temptations of the Internet.

Relationships are being destroyed by online addictions to shopping, gambling and pornography. Many partners are betraying their loved ones by seeking cybersex or online affairs.  Online addiction strikes the old and the young alike. Remove the temptation by removing the secrecy.

  • Partner Guard enables you to remotely monitor in real-time what your partner is doing on the computer
  • You can disable your partner’s computer from any Internet connection.
  • Partner Guard sends you a text message the instant a computer agreement is broken.
  • It can block programs and web sites.
  • Partner Guard logs screenshots, keystrokes, web sites, and programs on a secure server where it can’t be erased.
  • Partner Guard is the only monitoring solution with patent pending tamperproof technology to withstand even the most determined online addict.  There is no point in purchasing monitoring software, if your partner can easily disable or bypass it.

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