Video Gaming Addiction

Video games can be entertaining and a healthy escape like reading a good book.  But a video game obsession can be damaging to a person’s life.  When video games become an addiction, real social activities are minimized.  The virtual world becomes the real world.  When taken to extremes, it leads to loss of employment, relationship troubles that end in breakups or divorce, and depression.

If you or someone you know suffers from compulsive video gaming, then get help with Partner Guard.  Partner Guard addiction recovery software helps the obsessive gamer by setting limits on the computer, blocking certain programs and providing a history of computer activities.

This powerful computer monitoring program allows you to choose a trusted partner, like a spouse, parent, counselor, or close friend, to always be there when you are on the computer. Partner Guard is web based so your trusted partner can remotely check your computer activities in real-time from any Internet connection, even a cell phone.

Rules not only block video games, but when a rule is broken, a text message is sent immediately to your trusted partner. In addition to being able to call you, they have remote controls to take over of your computer and lock you out of the computer until the moment of temptation has passed.

Create a safe environment. Don’t fight video game addiction alone. Get Partner Guard today.

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