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Keep Honest People Honest

You’ve heard the saying, locks keep honest people honest.  The saying also applies to those who normally would never look at pornography.  Computer filtering and monitoring software keeps moral people moral. I was visiting with a hotel employee a couple of years ago.  She told me that the most money they make on their in-room [...]


Social Media Dangers

Do you love going on Facebook, My Space, Twitter, YouTube or several other social media sites?  Do you or your spouse spend more than two hours a day on these social media websites?  If so, you or your loved one could be in danger. It has been said that social media has done in a few [...]


Is My Husband or Wife Cheating on Me?

Is My Husband or Wife Cheating on Me? What are the signs that your spouse may be unfaithful? Years ago infidelity usually involved a co-worker or a family friend. Today with the Internet, the potential for an affair is much greater. Internet affairs, cybersex, online pornography and even dating web sites for married people make [...]