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Keep Honest People Honest

You’ve heard the saying, locks keep honest people honest.  The saying also applies to those who normally would never look at pornography.  Computer filtering and monitoring software keeps moral people moral. I was visiting with a hotel employee a couple of years ago.  She told me that the most money they make on their in-room [...]


Overcome Online Pornography Addiction

There is hope. Overcoming online pornography addiction can seem impossible. The temptation is readily available and easy to keep secret. It can leave you feeling guilty and discouraged. If you have started fighting this online addiction, you have found out that counseling can be expensive and time consuming. Yet, in the moment, when you are [...]


Partner Guard

Partner Guard protects couples, partners and loved ones from the dangers and temptations of the Internet. Relationships are being destroyed by online addictions to shopping, gambling and pornography. Many partners are betraying their loved ones by seeking cybersex or online affairs.  Online addiction strikes the old and the young alike. Remove the temptation by removing the [...]