Keep Honest People Honest

You’ve heard the saying, locks keep honest people honest.  The saying also applies to those who normally would never look at pornography.  Computer filtering and monitoring software keeps moral people moral.

I was visiting with a hotel employee a couple of years ago.  She told me that the most money they make on their in-room television adult movie service is when they have Christian minister conferences.  Why would that be?  What would drive these normally spiritual giants to give into the temptation of pornography?  No accountability.  No one there with them.  No locks.

Why would you invite temptation into your home by having a computer without filtering and monitoring software on it?  Pornography is a real temptation to husbands and wives.  Partner Guard computer filtering and monitoring software is the best pornography prevention software available.  It is web-based so that even when you are not home, you can use any Internet connection to see what your spouse is doing on the computer.  It adds accountability to computer activity.  It puts locks on seductive websites.

How many times have you heard about extramarital affairs beginning with an online contact?  Was it an old flame from high school on a social media site, an email from an acquaintance, an advertisement for an escort service, or even a dating website for married people?  Why allow this temptation into your home.  Demand computer accountability.  Keep faithful spouses faithful with Partner Guard software.

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