Overcome Online Pornography Addiction

There is hope. Overcoming online pornography addiction can seem impossible. The temptation is readily available and easy to keep secret. It can leave you feeling guilty and discouraged. If you have started fighting this online addiction, you have found out that counseling can be expensive and time consuming. Yet, in the moment, when you are alone with the computer, there seems to be nothing to stop the addiction. There is the key: NEVER BE ALONE WITH THE COMPUTER.

How can that be possible? With Partner Guard online addiction prevention software. This powerful computer monitoring program allows you to choose a trusted partner, like a spouse, parent, counselor, or close friend, to always be there when you are online. It is like fighting fire with fire.

Partner Guard is web based so your trusted partner can remotely check your computer activities in real-time from any Internet connection, even a cell phone. Rules not only block pornography, but when a rule is broken, a text message is sent immediately to your trusted partner. In addition to being able to call you, they have remote controls to take over of your computer and lock you out of the computer until the moment of temptation has passed.

Create a safe environment. Don’t fight online pornography addiction alone. Get Partner Guard today.

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