Protect Adult Children from Pornography

Your son or daughter has turned eighteen and is off to college or a career out of the home.  When they were living with you, you used parental control software like Computer Parenting to keep them safe, but now they are gone, what can you do to keep them from developing an online pornography addiction?

Partner Guard addiction prevention software is the answer.  Talk with your son or daughter about online temptations and ask them if they would like your help after they leave home to overcome temptation.  Ask them if you can be a trusted partner.  Partner Guard is web based so that, as a trusted partner, you can remotely check their computer activities in real-time from any Internet connection, even a cell phone.

Rules not only block pornography websites, but when a rule is broken, a text message is sent immediately to you. In addition to being able to call them, you will have remote controls to take over their computer and lock them out of the computer until the moment of temptation has passed.

Create a safe environment for your children away from home.  Don’t let them get entangled in a pornography addiction that will ruin their lives. Get Partner Guard now.

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