Is My Husband or Wife Cheating on Me?

Is My Husband or Wife Cheating on Me? What are the signs that your spouse may be unfaithful? Years ago infidelity usually involved a co-worker or a family friend. Today with the Internet, the potential for an affair is much greater. Internet affairs, cybersex, online pornography and even dating web sites for married people make cheating much more available and easier to keep secret.

Here are some signs to watch for:

1- Does your husband or wife spend long hours on the computer after you go to bed or early in the morning before you wake up?
2- Is your browser history wiped clean or is history disabled?
3- Are there credit card charges that you don’t recognize?
4- Does your spouse lock you out of their email account or cell phone with a password you don’t know?
5- Do they position the computer or laptop screen so that you cannot see what they are doing on the computer?

If you think your spouse may be cheating on you, find out with Partner Guard spouse computer monitoring software. Partner Guard can be installed in stealth mode so that they are unaware you are monitoring them. Since Partner Guard is web based, you don’t need access to their computer after it is installed. From any Internet connection, find out in real time what they are doing or check history logs.

If you find out he or she is being faithful, you can use Partner Guard to keep it that way. Get peace of mind. Get Partner Guard.

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