Social Media Dangers

Do you love going on Facebook, My Space, Twitter, YouTube or several other social media sites?  Do you or your spouse spend more than two hours a day on these social media websites?  If so, you or your loved one could be in danger.

It has been said that social media has done in a few years what the FBI and CIA could not do in fifty years of spying on people.  Make every detail about everyone accessible.  Privacy seems to get thrown out the window when people are on social media websites.  Make sure your settings are such that only your friends can see your profile and make sure you know who your friends are.

In addition to privacy concerns, social media can become obsessive or even addictive.  If you find yourself having to check your profile multiple times during the day, or if you find you spend too much time posting comments, pictures and updating statuses, then maybe you need help.  Partner Guard addiction prevention software can provide a way to overcome social media addiction.

Social media can also lead to unfaithfulness in a marriage or relationship.  Sometimes that old flame from high school gets rekindled and results in adultery.  Could your partner or spouse be warming up to an old acquaintance online?  How would you know?  How can you stop it before it goes too far?

Partner Guard relationship protection software uses computer monitoring technology to keep you and your significant other faithful online.  It is like keeping the computer in a place where you both can see it even if only one of you is home or awake.  Keep your relationship safe.  Get Partner Guard.

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